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what the fuck is wrong with tumblr? why do you guys need to ship everything? kirk/khan?! you are ruining the movie for others...just saying.

Oh dear lord, get over yourself, srsly!

  1. croftian said: Yo Anon, there’s this thing called Tumblr Savior. Use it. Also, build yourself a bridge and get the fuck over it. People ship things - if you don’t like it, big whoop. Don’t make an ass of yourself by condescending them for it.
  2. ohteepeeh said: hahahahahahahahahhahahahaha *deal with it* gif
  3. chemical-and-dark-blue said: Dear anon tumblr is a place where we can express ourselves. we can ship whoever the fuck we want to ship. now please ask yourself this question are you sure you are on the right side of tumblr?
  4. shigeako said: let people ship what they want to ship….
  5. teajava said: Dear Anon: While I agree that the Kirk/Khan ship is silly and nonsensical… So what? How exactly does that “ruin the movie” for others? You’re fully capable of watching the movie no matter what people ship. Get over it.
  6. just-tea-thanks said: Clearly Anon is missing the point of Tumblr, yes?
  7. gayholmes said: We’re not ruining anything. You can ignore us and go on with your life without being a cliche asshole.
  8. marymortsan said: Dear anon, everyone enjoys things in a different way. If people see a movie just for a certin actor, that’s ok. If they want to ship certain characters, that’s ok. everything is o k. so don’t get so butthurt over it and enjoy the great movie :)
  9. bakerstreetbat said: Ahaha,Ahahaha, Anon get the fuck out. We can ship what we want, don’t like it, don’t look. It’s not harming anyone but your precious ego.
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