“I can feel infinitely alive curled up on the sofa reading a book.” - BC


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seeing your notp on your dash, untagged

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Trust me

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This has been sitting in my drafts for like 3 months and I keep having to edit it because people keep changing urls! and unfollowing me but yeah :3 I thought i’d post it now to celebrate as I’ve hit 2.7K! I want to thank you crazy ass people for following me, god knows why you do. You are amazing and I love you to pieces. Most of you guys are mutuals and although some have unfollowed me, it doesn’t take away the fact that your blogs are still as fab as ever so I’ll follow you forever

You guys should know that this is a sideblog so when I say I am following you it’ll be from sykesyandyouknowit which is my main (though i spend more time on this one tbh).

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Awwwww Thank you!!! :D

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Your edits cause me emotional stress. I love them so much. Bless you :')

Omg! Thank you so much… Awww x3


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